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Japanese food culture has been changed and westernized.

We all enjoy different style of foods from different countries,

it also helps to modernize and develop Japanese traditional cuisine.

It seems Japanese body has also been changed, heavier, taller and bigger than ancient times.

On the other hand,many people suffer for allergic body reaction, weak body stamina and get sick easily.
There are various reasons to have such conditions but body reacts to some foods that not used to take into.

For example for wheat foods, as typified by breads and cakes contains Gluten that disturbs digestive system,

it makes our body unbalanced.
A lot of media encourages us to have Gluten-free foods nowadays,

Gluten-free foods became well known in many countries.

Japanese rice does not contain gluten, biossa bread is made from rice powder.

Please enjoy 100% gluten-free, biossa's body kind & tasty bread. 

biossa Japan

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